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Tom M. Johnson

Recently moved from Los Angeles, I now live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I miss the sun, surf, and Southern California winters, yet I am stimulated daily by the textured rustic landscape and the salt-of-the-earth populace of Western Pennsylvania… I am an editorial and advertising portrait photographer who has been commissioned both in the United States and abroad to make memorable portraits of the ordinary and the famous – creators and intellectuals among them. My clients include: AARP, O, The Oprah, Money, Forbes, Men's Health, Paper, Popular Mechanics, Los Angeles, Flaunt, W, Stern, Pitt, Pittsburgh, Heinz Foundation, Vanity Fair magazines and The New York Times. My work has been featured in the New York Times Lens blog, Fraction Magazine, Lenscratch, Feature Shoot, and F-stop, Slate and I’ve had solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and Paris. I create compelling, non-literal visual images, blending color and artifact to reveal the subject’s virtues, while leaving some things properly to the viewer’s imagination… Between assignments, I work on personal projects to stretch my technical and creative muscles, and to enhance my understanding of humanity.