10 videos you need in your life this week
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10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno

Majid Jordan – Caught Up (feat. Khalid)

The OVO duo released Caught Up, a new track in collaboration with the talented R&B artist Khalid. The video that accompanied the single finds Majid and Jordan enjoying a psychedelic experience after eating tacos in a special pink sauce. At this point one might well wonder what that pink sauce is.

slowthai – Toaster

After releasing his debut album, slowthai returned to his childhood home in Northampton where he shot this innovative video which is half documentary, half performance.

KOTA The Friend – SEDONA

Every opportunity is good to remind you that you have to listen to KOTA The Friend’s debut album FOTO.

Metronomy – Walking In The Dark

Metronomy’s new double album Metronomy Forever is out in September and they’ve just released new single Walking In The Dark that reminds us The Look‘s vibration. The video of the song is directed by band leader Joe Mount who plays with greenscreen and Clara Bacou’s animations.

Masego: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

20 minutes of pure satisfaction.

Oh Sees – Heartworm 

Let’s give it up for the Oh Sees new video that brings together totally random scenes, keeping us glued to the screen.

Marvely – Mollami

Who is Marvely? A singer and producer from the Congo who writes sweet songs like candy floss.

Carla dal Forno – Took a Long Time

There are two flowers looking in the mirror: one is a real flower, the other (the most beautiful) is Carla dal Forno who has announced her upcoming album Look Up Sharp with this lovely track.

Joviale – Taste of the Heavens

If you want to know what the taste of heaven is like, press play above.

Travis Scott – WAKE UP

Jonah Hill directed the music video for Travis Scott’s Wake Up that features the rapper floating around a luxury mansion populated by a lot of dead bodies.

Artmusicmusic videovideoclip
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