10 videos you need in your life this week
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10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno

Whitney – FTA

Chicago-based duo Whitney are back with a new single and accompanying video, FTA, the first glimpse of the band forthcoming album Forever Turned Around, to be released on August 30. We just can’t wait till summer.

Alex G – Gretel

Another good news for guitar lovers: (Sandy) Alex G announced his upcoming ninth studio album (House of Sugar, out on September 13) with a new music video for lead single in which Alex and his friends enjoy a day of demolition derby.

Jay Som – Superbike

You’re good for a week with guitars and vintage clips.

Sampa The Great – Final Form

All you have to do is DANCE.

Channel Tres – Sexy Black Timberlake

Need an outfit inspiration for the weekend? There you are.

See Maw – Shh

shhut up! It’s time to listen to the Undamento’s new artist.

Bleached – Kiss You Goodbye

I need a smoothie by the pool just right now!

Ty Segall – Taste

Hey, Ty
what’s got you so upset?

Skepta – No Sleep | A COLORS SHOW

Skepta stopped at Colors Show studio for a special performance of No Sleep.
The video kicks off with the rapper singing in front of the microphone but at a certain point it replicates the artwork to Ignorance Is Bliss album.

Plaid – Dancers

The electronic duo Plaid has found a beautiful way to raise awareness about the use of plastics:

The concept behind “Dancers” stems from the themes behind ‘Polymer,’ inspired by the ‘strength, endurance, and troubling persistence’ of plastics. (…) the video serves as a metaphor for the anthropocene; in which humanity and the plastic it generates become integrated into one organism, in a world where nature and polymers become one in the same.”

Artmusicmusic videovideoclip
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