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Discover the new 997 Sport by New Balance

Giulia Pacciardi

For the Fall 2019, New Balance introduces the new 997 Sport, a brand new silhouette inspired by the classic 997 but with a much more modern and contemporary look.
The new model, available from July 13 in New Balance stores and selected retailers, presents innovative technologies mixed with those of the heritage derived from the reinterpretation of the New Balance Suspension System 90/00 years. 

The upper pays homage to the 997 Original but is characterized by some details that make the sneaker much more tapered than the previous ones.
The new 997 Sport is available in a unisex version, in shades of fuchsia and green, and in three models for men and three for women.

But, in addition to the new model in 7 colorways, New Balance also offers two total freestyle looks that include for men the black and green NB Athletics Classic Hoodie, the NB Athletics Windbreaker Pant and for women the white NB Athletics Classic Fleece and the black NB Athletics Classic Logo Legging.

StylefootwearNew Balance
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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