A Little Film About Malika Favre – An exploration of the illustrator Malika Favre

22 February 2018

A short video realized by the British agency Handsome Frank tells us more about the life of the French illustrator Malika Favre.

When we talk about Malika Favre, we immediately think of a minimal style made with bright colors and defined lines, of covers of important magazines as The New York Times and New Yorker and many more. Our appreciation for her works was clear here, here e here.

To help us discovering more about her life, from where she lives to which kind of works she loves most, from how is her day to her passion for colors, there is a video directed by Jérôme de Gerlache realized by Handsome Frank, the British agency who represents her and other important illustrators, a part of a larger series called A Little Film About.

If 4 minutes about Malika aren’t enough for you and you really love illustration, you can discover more on Thomas Danthony, Thomas Burden, Jean Jullien, Sarah Maycock, Joël Penkman, Tim McDonagh.


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