Discover the adidas Originals meets Santeria program

Giulia Guido · 4 years ago

adidas Originals meets Santeria

NOV 23rd, 2019
Santeria Toscana 31, Viale Toscana 31, Milano

Saturday, November 23, Santeria Toscana 31 and adidas Originals will once again be the reference point of the Milano Music Week, the great event dedicated to national and international music now in its third edition.
For this occasion and to celebrate its link with hip hop culture, the brand has created a full program of activities and commissioned two different installations from the collective VentiVenti, one for Santeria and one for the adidas Originals Flagship Store, visible until December 11.

Schedule for Saturday 23 November

From 14:30 until late at night, the space in Viale Toscana, 31 will be the scene of two different workshops, one dedicated to visual art and one to breakdance, both held by exceptional teachers who will prepare 40 students for the evening show.

For Visual Art, the multidisciplinary collective VentiVenti will be the protagonist. In addition to the organization of “VentiVenti Visual“, they took care of the entire Santeria’s set-up and the adidas Originals Flagship Store in Via Alessio di Tocqueville, 11, mixing art and digital languages to make the spaces innovative and impressive places.
All the installations are inspired by the MPC, the instrument produced by the Japanese company Akai, which revolutionized electronic music in the 1980s, and were designed to combine the streetwear identity of adidas Originals with that of Milano Music Week.

The second workshop will be held by Riccardo Saraniti and Flavio Mancina, aka Geme and Fle, the two founders of “Like a bomb”, one of the most important European events dedicated to the breakdance.

Both classes will prepare the 40 students for the evening show during which they will show the work of the day to the entire audience, including visuals and choreography that will make the live shows even more unique experiences.

Live shows that, from 22:00, will alternate on stage artists such as Piscologi, a duo formed by rapper and producer Drast and rapper Lil Kaneki, the emerging singer Birthh, the Concerto, electronic music project by Donadei and Biancamaria Scoccia, the South American-inspired sounds of Balera Favela that will host the Swiss singer Mara and the milestone of the Milanese scene Sabotage djs.

From 19, however, to keep up the mood of Santeria will be the rapper Marracash who will perform in an exclusive showcase for only 200 lucky members.

adidas Originals meets Santeria will be a day of visual arts and entertainment and an evening, open to all from 22:00 until late at night, that you should not miss.
We won’t do it, we’re all waiting for you there!

Discover the adidas Originals meets Santeria program
Discover the adidas Originals meets Santeria program
Discover the adidas Originals meets Santeria program
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