Design 10 fonts to use in 2022

10 fonts to use in 2022

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2022 will be another year in which communication will play an important role in the spread of information but also in the development of print and digital projects. The way messages are spread certainly depends on the words chosen, but also on how they are represented graphically, on the font with which they are written.
Taking a look at the latest graphic and editorial projects, has made a selection of ten trending fonts for the coming year. If you’re a graphic designer, the ten fonts below will serve as a reference for your next project or for the website you’re designing. If you’re just a fan, you’ll appreciate the 70s style of “Lazybones” and the geometry of “Mineral“.
Between serif and other less catalogable, there are more calligraphic fonts such as “Altesse“, a font recently used by Louis Vuitton for the greeting to Virgil Abloh. If you’re a fan of The Weeknd you might finally recognize “Origin Super Condensed“, used to present his latest album Dawn FM.

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