Altrove presents Avanzamento Progressivo, a dynamic space for Art

From April 14 to April 22, a large space in Via Olona 25 in Milan will be in the hands of Altrove, the project born in 2014 in Catanzaro with the aim of re-educating to the concept of beauty all those places now pervaded by aesthetic and social degradation.

Avanzamento Progressivo, this is the name of the great event organized by Altrove, is not only an exhibition but a dynamic space ready to change every day depending on the artist called to participate.
Art, video and music will animate the space and will invite spectators to dialogue with the artists by bringing them in all creative processes, performances, workshops, talks and roundtables organized for the occasion.

9 days of work in progress and creations that will see the artworks of artists such as 08, 2501, 3ttman, Alberonero, Alfano, Andreco, Aris, Giorgio Bartocci, Clemens Behr, Gonzalo Borondo, Canemorto, Ciredz, CT, Dilen Tigreblu, Ekta, Jeroen Erosie, Gue, Graphic Surgery, Alexey Luka, Nelio, Jorge Pomar, Domenico Romeo, Run, Sbagliato, Sten Lex, Tellas, THTF, come to light.

Here you can find the calendar of all the events designed by Altrove to give a new point of view to the Milan Design Week.


Altrove presenta Avanzamento Progressivo |

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