Photography The fantastic feminine melancholy by Amélie Chopinet

The fantastic feminine melancholy by Amélie Chopinet

Tommaso Berra
Amélie Chopinet |

Photographer Amélie Chopinet in her shots depicts a world enveloped in femininity, which is reflected in the subjects and in the delicacy of the settings, which describe a melancholically fantastic everyday life. This fantasy is precisely understood as an almost magical product, in which the subjects of find themselves naked in contact with nature or create surreal solutions and scenes with it, a surrealism that the artist defines as “do-it-yourself.”
Amélie Chopinet’s shots demonstrate the artist’s extraordinary work and sensitivity especially in the use of color, as well as in the choice of compositions. There is theatricality and a direct relationship between the photograph and the viewer, this wall in particular is broken by the choices of the protagonists of the works, who stare into the camera in a way that is sometimes gentle, in other cases almost investigating, and in still others staring into a void that is even beyond who is observing them at that moment.
The Parisian artist’s photographs will be exhibited at the group exhibition ImageNation in New York, March 10-12, 2023 and curated by Martin Vegas.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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