Inside Warhol’s world: more than 130,000 unpublished digital photos

22 October 2018

Finally, Andy Warhol's archive is available online. More than 130,000 photos that tell about him, about parties and the world he had created.

Andy Warhol is for some people a genius, for others a mere art dealer, for me he’s both. It’s incredible how there is always an opportunity to talk about him and how surely there will be in the future too: Andy has left us a legacy too cumbersome to go unnoticed; not being able to live his life as he liked, because of his innumerable physical problems, he decided to file and remember or better, to build a true or false memory.

Who really cared about Warhol as a man if he had not built his world?

A world populated by Lou Reed, Bowie, Basquiat, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Madonna, Debbie Harry, the Stones, Liza Minnelli, Bob Dylan, Elton John, the evenings at Studio 54 and much more. It was necessary to tell and preserve all this, that’s why the artist has obsessively documented every single moment with his camera. The needing became compulsive during the year of his death (1987), so much so that more than 130,000 photos were collected, now finally available online thanks to the Cantor Arts Center and Stanford University, which digitized Warhol’s archive, previously owned by Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

On the occasion of the exhibition Contact Warhol: Photography Without End, at the Cantor Arts Center in Stanford, it will be possible to view the photographic archive until January 2019.

Nel mondo di Warhol: più di 130.000 foto inedite digitalizzate | Nel mondo di Warhol: più di 130.000 foto inedite digitalizzate |


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