Photography Anselme Servain and photography as a choice

Anselme Servain and photography as a choice

Federica Cimorelli

There are certain moments in life when destiny shows up to point you in the right direction. No matter where you are, how old you are, what you are doing and what your plans are for the future, if the desire to take another path is too strong, it means it is the right thing.
That’s exactly what happened to Anselme Servain about a year ago with photography, when he took on a personal project and realised it was the thing he had to do in life.

Project 365 is his challenge, a project he started in July 2020 and which encourages him to take more and more photographs, to become more aware of his medium and to express himself.
Anselme Servain is very young, yet his artistic inspiration is very strong. Every day he shares his creative ideas, interacts with people and, while opening himself up to helping and listening to others, analyses himself and his voice.

His photographs evoke conflicting feelings, they are seemingly calm and melancholic, but then reveal a dark, sensual and frightening side.
Anselme plays with processes and moves away from the instantaneous act of photographing to get as close as possible to a thoughtful, relaxed and painterly creation.

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His inspirations include Alex Currie, Igor Pjörrt and Ryan James Caruthers, three artists whose approach, themes and aesthetics he admires.
See a selection of his shots here, follow him on Instagram and visit his personal website.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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