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The all-female spin-off of AppARTEngo Festival 2021

Giulia Guido

AppARTEngo Festival 2021, the public art festival that has been transforming the municipality of Stigliano in Basilicata into an open-air museum through the works of creative artists and street artists since 2017, came to life with a special initiative.
From 1 to 25 June, the municipality of Gorgoglione hosted “Arte con e per le donne” (“Art with and for women”), an all-female spin-off of the festival

During the past month, five women artists from all over the world met with the local women’s community and were inspired to create their works by the stories the town’s women told them, linked to their traditions and territory, each reworking them in their own style. 


The Florentine artist Nian inaugurated “Art with and for women” with a work that celebrates femininity through the representation of Mother Earth. In the mural we see a young girl emptying a vase full of water, an element reminiscent of the Vallone river where the women of Gorgoglione once stocked up, drank and did their laundry. 

AppARTEngo Festival 2021


The element of nature also returns in the artwork of Gamze, a Turkish artist based in Berlin. Once again, the artist’s flat backgrounds and simple forms pay homage to the valley through which the Vallone River flows. 

AppARTEngo Festival 2021

Florentina Duràn Itzaina 

Only by supporting each other can we grow. This is the message of “Alegoria de Crecer” by Uruguayan artist Florentina Duràn Itzaina. The work shows three women: the first one standing supports the one in the middle by the hips, who tries to lift herself up by leaning on the third girl’s leg. The composition of the work instinctively invites us to look upwards, towards the point we could reach if we all helped each other. 

AppARTEngo Festival 2021

Kiki Skipi

Sinuous lines and natural elements form Kiki’s work. Through the representation of a woman and some birds, she wants to emphasise the power of speech, stressing that if one woman feels free to speak, the others will feel the same way. 

AppARTEngo Festival 2021


SteReal transformed the photograph of an embrace between Aunt Teresa, a woman from Gorgoglione, and Abdourahmane, one of the boys from the SPRAR Oltre centre that welcomes migrants, into a hyper-realistic mural. The image aims to analyse detachment from the mother figure: Aunt Teresa symbolically represents all the mothers who have seen their Abdourahmane, their children, leave their homeland in search of a new fortune.

“Art with and for women” is just one of the many initiatives gravitating around AppARTEngo Festival 2021. On 1 July, in fact, “Segnali dalle aree interne” started in Stigliano and in other towns such as Rotondella, Montalbano Jonico and Sicignano degli Alburni other spin-offs will get underway in the coming months. Discover all the dates of the next stages on the official website and follow the updates on the Instagram profile of AppARTEngo Festival 2021. 

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Written by Giulia Guido
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