Design The Story Of The Armchair Made Of Brioche
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The Story Of The Armchair Made Of Brioche

Giorgia Massari

This chair is called Loaf. Today it probably no longer exists, decomposed or eaten altogether. In fact, its wooden frame was completely covered with loaf of bread with the intention of being deconstructed, piece by piece. The idea comes from artist Sam Stewart (1988, North Carolina), known for his absurd and bizarre but also functional sculptures. «The most interesting thing for me was seeing how the children interacted with the work. Food is a language I can easily communicate with,» commented artist Laila Gohar, who collaborated with Stewart on the work. Certainly the perfect co-worker for this work, working assiduously with food as a creative medium. The chair was exhibited in 2020 by Friedman Benda Gallery in New York for the exhibition Comfort curated by Omar Sosa with the intention of «investigating the relationship between comfort and aesthetics and the tension that occurs when an object can be physically comfortable but visually or psychologically uncomfortable, and vice versa.» Undoubtedly, Loaf’s is a site-specific project that fully hits the theme of the exhibition, bringing up the concept of the ephemeral as opposed instead to eternity, something now unattainable.

Courtesy Sam Stewart, Laila Gohar, Friedman Benda Gallery

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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