Art Aron Demetz’s sculpture translates thought into form 

Aron Demetz’s sculpture translates thought into form 

Giulia Guido

One of the most difficult things for man is surely to transform a thought or idea into something palpable. Ever since we are children we are explained the difference between abstract and concrete and that they are two diametrically opposed, almost irreconcilable things.
This is precisely why the work of Italian sculptor Aron Demetz is so visionary. 

Aron Demetz uses different materials, from wood to bronze, from plaster to glass, and moulds them to his liking, letting himself be inspired by the human figure and by states of mind. 

One of his latest projects is entitled “Autarkeia II – Il richiamiamo della materia“, a site-specific exhibition conceived specifically for the spaces of the MARCA Museum in Catanzaro and which will remain open to the public until 31 March. 

This event is just one of the many initiatives that make up the programme of the Rocco Guglielmo Foundation, one of the most important cultural institutions in Southern Italy. For 12 years, the Foundation has been a laboratory of ideas, offering citizens exhibitions, workshops, seminars, readings, study days, all organised in the various places it manages, including the MARCA Museum. 

One of the Foundation’s various projects is “GLOCAL” which – as the word itself suggests – aims to create activities that deal with cultural content from a global point of view. 

Visit the website of the Rocco Guglielmo Foundation for all the information about the exhibition “Autarkeia II – The call of matter” by Aron Demetz and the next events. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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