Style What AVAVAV is Doing

What AVAVAV is Doing

Anna Frattini

Do you remember that fashion show where models, once on the runway, would fall disastrously? Or that time when the clothes kept falling apart? Well, all of that is the work of AVAVAV, which yesterday conquered everyone’s attention with its “No Time to Design, No Time to Explain” Spring collection. Its fashion show – notably stress-inducing – turned out to be a true performance. Today, towards the end of Milan Fashion Week, let’s discover why and learn a bit more about this brand.

Who’s Behind AVAVAV’s Success

The creative director is Beate Karlsson, a Swedish designer who trained in London and New York (but now works between Stockholm and Florence). She has been at the helm of AVAVAV since 2020. Her fashion shows always surprise, and this time the result leads us to reflect once again on the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world. Times are fast-paced, and creativity tends to be pushed aside. This is a problem very close to Karlsson, who has put together a fashion show that conveys a strong sense of frustration, anger, and anxiety in this context. All of this is done without taking itself too seriously and with a good dose of irony. It’s a similar approach to last year’s fashion show, “Filthy Rich,” which focused on the fashion industry’s obsession with status and wealth.

The Best Pieces from the Fashion Show

AVAVAV is a brand that focuses on women’s streetwear, bringing hoodies and knitwear with a disruptor twist to the runway, featuring slogans like “Made in Italy (or China, can’t remember).” A notable mention goes to the Post-it suit that appears on the runway as an endless series of things to do.

Models with smudged makeup as if they had just finished crying are just one of the elements that testify to the need to use humor to comment on the fashion world. In terms of marketing, this approach is extremely functional for a relatively unknown brand that, in three years, has made a name for itself through its reputation as a disruptor but also by reminding us that fashion always moves too fast.

Written by Anna Frattini
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