Bag Bag, Shoulder bags under the eyes

20 March 2017

Lernert & Sander, the creative duo based in Amsterdam, has created Bag Bag, a bag that is inspired by the fashionistas and their dark circles.

The creative couple Lernert & Sander is famous for its irony and irreverence.
The duo based in Amsterdam has taken care of photographic and video campaigns for clients such as COS, Fantastic Man, Hermès, Kenzo, Viktor & Rolf and Rowing, always working in that small space where advertising and art meet.
Not new, then, to the fashion world, with Kiki Niesten owner of the namesake Maastricht shop, have created Bag Bag, a bag inspired by all the fashionistas around the world.
Lernert & Sander, in fact, who are familiar with the lightning speed of that word have created an accessory that resembles in every way to one of the logical consequences that can occur: the dark circles, the bags under the eyes.
The campaign, which sees two Bag Bag models supported under the eyes of an amused Kiki Niesten, will stop in the Maastricht Shop windows and we are sure that will gain a lot of attention.


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