Design Balenciaga and Harry Nuriev, eco-sustainable design
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Balenciaga and Harry Nuriev, eco-sustainable design

Giulia Pacciardi

The fashion industry is considered the second most polluting in the world and, after the Fashion Pact signed by 32 companies with the aim of halting global warming, restoring biodiversity and protecting the oceans, even individual brands give rise to symbolic initiatives to encourage sustainable practices in design.

This is the case with the collaboration between Balenciaga and the New York-based artist, designer, and architect, Harry Nuriev, who have joined forces in the design and creation of the “Balenciaga Sofa“.
The piece, chosen because it is a design element that is rarely missing in the home of a family nucleus, is composed by a transparent vinyl material encasing damaged or unsellable pieces and off-cuts from old Balenciaga stock.

When the product was unveiled, Balenciaga stressed how important it is for brands and designers to become aware of the impact that the industry they work in has on the environment and how important recycling policies are for the creation of a circular economy, that is an economy capable of regenerating itself.

The Sofa will be presented during Miami Art Basel, which will open on December 3, but in the meantime do not miss the gallery that you can find here.

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