Style How to rethink classics according to Baracuta and Goldwin

How to rethink classics according to Baracuta and Goldwin

Anna Frattini

On one hand, there’s the iconic Baracuta, and on the other, Goldwin, a Japanese outerwear expert. Together, they have conceived a collection capable of blending timeless British inspirations with technical expertise, aided by Gore-Tex. Baracuta has been a fixture in our collective imagination for nearly eighty years as the epitome of English tradition in clothing, and on this occasion, it has reevaluated its classics for this collaboration, available from tomorrow, October 5th.

Baracuta was born in 1937 in Manchester, and its G9, G4, and G10 jackets are timeless classics designed by the Miller brothers, featuring the iconic Fraser Tartan lining granted to them by Lord Fraser of the Lovat family, with the unmistakable umbrella motif on the back. The main goal is to make Baracuta’s classics weather-resistant with the expertise of Goldwin and Gore-Tex, the revolutionary material that has changed the way we protect ourselves from rain since 1976. The G9 Gore-Tex, G12 Gore-Tex, and Gore-Tex Bucket Hat take center stage in this collaboration. A practical example can be seen in the case of the jacket, where the difference lies in the materials used, all while retaining the Fraser Tartan lining, one of Baracuta’s distinctive features.

With this collaboration, we find an innovative approach to preserving the strength of classics, impossible to ignore even in the campaign images, revolutionizing their foundations and looking towards the future with practicality.

The collection will be available at,, and on Goldwin‘s website but also in flagship stores.

Written by Anna Frattini
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