Style The capsule collection conceived by Barrow in collaboration with Sean Wotherspoon

The capsule collection conceived by Barrow in collaboration with Sean Wotherspoon

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Among all the capsule collections released recently, the one by Barrow with Round Two and Sean Wotherspoon is one of the most interesting. For the Italian streetwear brand, the goal is to conquer foreign markets already familiar with sneaker culture. That’s why the opening of two pop-up stores is also planned: one at Bodega in the USA and the other at G2 Shibuya Parco in Japan. But let’s find out more about this partnership.

Round Two and Sean Wotherspoon

This collaboration combines the recognizable allure of Barrow – a very young Italian brand – with the distinctly vintage aesthetic of Round Two, mixing these elements with the creativity of Sean Wotherspoon, the founder of the second-hand brand along with Luke Fracher and Chris Russow. Wotherspoon’s continuous search for uniqueness and rarity in items led him to sell some pieces from his wardrobe, realizing this project with the other two founders: a curated selection of sought-after sneakers, clothing, merchandise, and a meeting place for the community. Sean Wotherspoon’s vision has attracted the attention of fashion giants like Nike and adidas, involving him in dedicated partnerships.

The Barrow with Round Two Collection

Barrow and Sean Wotherspoon have brought together many elements for this capsule collection. All of this comes with the peculiarity of meticulous craftsmanship involving finely worked fabrics that encompass multiple embroidery, decoration, and finishing techniques in fabric combinations that might seem a bit daring together but work perfectly. It has everything: there’s a patchwork suit, a flannel shirt, a reversible t-shirt, a tracksuit, and two other complete outfits. One inspired by coogi sweaters and the other in denim.

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