Style The Beckhams have made the history of the Noughties

The Beckhams have made the history of the Noughties

Anna Frattini

It’s been more than 20 years since the release of Bend It Like Beckham, but the charm associated with the former English midfielder seems to never fade. In the new docu-series dedicated to the Manchester United champion, Beckham, a very precise profile is drawn, in which his wife, Victoria, also appears prominently. Both sex symbols and fashion icons in the late ’90s and early 2000s – the so-called Noughties – they continue to influence us with their style. But what remains of the Y2K aesthetic in the Beckhams’ style, and how have they managed to stay relevant over the past three decades?

The story of David and Victoria is a love story that’s more unique than rare, and it’s once again making waves on TikTok. Amidst ups and downs, David and Victoria have been together for almost three decades and continue to set the standard in terms of style. Specifically, Victoria has built a career in the fashion world to the point of opening her eponymous brand. It was not an easy path for Posh Spice, but over time, she has managed to carve out a place on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week, gaining credibility.

David Beckham was known for his highly experimental style, to the point of being labeled as “metrosexual,” a term we no longer hear. The beaded rosary around his neck, tank tops, and Police sunglasses were once his signature. Provocation and risk were part of his style, especially when he wore the highly debated durag in the presence of then-Prince Charles or the famous Gucci trench at a Versace event. Over time, still driven by his passion for fashion, as depicted in the docu-series, he has considerably changed his way of dressing.

Together with his wife, there are numerous coordinated outfits worn on the red carpet or in other key moments that have become part of pop culture imagery. Like at their wedding when, after a private ceremony, they changed into two matching bright purple outfits. Her unforgettable pixie cuts, skin-tight slip dresses, and leather suits worn with David have inspired an entire generation.

The sudden success of both seems to be at the center of the docu-series, indirectly highlighting how they have succeeded in the challenging task of remaining relevant in pop culture and the fashion world, all without compromising their personal style. On the one hand, Victoria has elevated her minimalist style without leaving behind accessories like the oversized sunglasses worn at the latest Jacquemus fashion show. On the other hand, David has adopted a more classic style characterized by tailored suits and cashmere sweaters that don’t hide all the tattoos collected over the years.

Victoria e David Beckham all’ultima sfilata di Jacquemus
Written by Anna Frattini
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