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Best of 2023 – Art

Giulia Guido

How has this year been in the art world? Let’s review it through the top 10 articles of the year in the Art category.

On October 7th of this year, the exhibition ‘Untrue Unreal’ by master Anish Kapoor opened in Florence. The artist often referred to himself as ‘a painter who is a sculptor,’ perhaps due to his obsession with pigments, to the extent of acquiring exclusive rights to use Vantablack, a special black pigment that absorbs 99.96% of light. Kapoor’s visual language is unique. In Kapoor’s work, color is not just a shade or material but becomes an immersive and illusory phenomenon at the same time.

Known worldwide as the ‘Invisible Man,’ Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist who has gained international fame through his extraordinary artistic performances. His ability to disappear and seamlessly blend with urban landscapes and sterile environments around him is unparalleled.

JR embarked on an incredible project in collaboration with the Opéra National de Paris: transforming the scaffolding around the ancient Palais Garnier during its restoration into a fascinating work of art.

Iranian visual artist Shirin Abedinirad focuses her research on nature. Her installations, often placed in desert settings, draw from the surreal sphere, especially in the choice of objects. Doors and stairs are recurring protagonists in her installations, always accompanied by the element of the mirror, which takes on significant semantic importance.

Land artist Saype returned to his natural habitat, the mountains, this year, and he did so in a carefully chosen location. Thanks to collaboration with Skyway Monte Bianco, the Swiss artist left his mark on the alpine meadows overlooking the cable car’s intermediate station, the Pavillon.


“I believe in pink,” declares the diva Audrey Hepburn in one of her most famous quotes. But what does it mean to believe in pink? Obviously, it’s not just about the color itself, nor its essence or mere aesthetics, but rather the concept of pink. In reality, all colors are not just colors. But of all, pink is the most controversial and divisive. With a troubled history, carrying ideologies and disagreements, it can create embarrassment and enhance sensuality. Condemned and loved. Delicate but bold. Childish but also sensual.


With a photographic cut and a very close look, French painter Alexis Ralaivao can eliminate the distances between the subjects of his oil works and the viewers. Bodily details become the protagonists of his enormous canvases.


Little is known about Joann. However, we do know that Joann is an AI artist, and it is very difficult to look away from Joann’s Instagram feed. There are inflatable monuments, strange portraits, and dreamlike environments, along with collaborations with brands like Adidas, Nike, and GCDS.


Do you remember the series of 3D videos to present the Jacquemus pop-up store for the launch of the second part of the Été capsule collection, dedicated to the summer season? It was created by Ian Padgham, born in California, who founded Origiful in 2013 – a company committed to producing social content for many international brands.

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It is when the sun slowly sets and gives way to that hour of the day when everything is tinged with gold, in that suspended moment between light and darkness, that English painter Jess Allen places her paintings, exploiting the power of light and shadow games.

Written by Giulia Guido
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