Art Bill Rebholz, a multidisciplinary illustrator

Bill Rebholz, a multidisciplinary illustrator

Federica Cimorelli
Bill Rebholz |

Bill Rebholz is an American artist who works with graphics, illustration, animation, lettering and wall painting. His work, inspired by contemporary art as much as by avant-garde art, embraces the simplicity of common forms and plays with synthesis and abstraction.

Bill Rebholz creates simple yet detailed works, combining bold, bright colours with pale, muted hues and telling stories by making the subjects of his drawings interact with each other. His narratives conceal a slow work of analysis and exploration and represent contrasting reinterpretations of words, phrases or compositions.

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On cards, canvases, walls or digitally, his images seek out life’s little idiosyncrasies and convey dynamism, energy and movement.
See a selection of his work here, follow him on Instagram and visit his personal website.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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