Photography Bobby Mandrup and his analog journey
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Bobby Mandrup and his analog journey Contributors

Bobby Mandrup – born in 1985 – uses light as a tool, delicately sketching figures and transcending the traditional boundaries of photography. In the face of this, Mandrup remains loyal to the roots of analog photography. His work is an authentic representation of the fleeting physical moment, capturing genuine emotions and an unfiltered reality.

Mandrup’s choice of cameras, primarily Yashica and Mamiya, are not just tools for him; they are also an integral part of his artistic process. These cameras, which have almost personal characteristics and quirks, become his means of expression. Mandrup embraces these imperfections and all the limitations of analog photography, using them to his advantage.

Bobby Mandrup’s work primarily focuses on artist portraiture, music, theater, and editorial photography. What distinguishes his photography is how it conveys genuine emotion and presence, regardless of the subjects’ genre or fame. We’re not dealing with a documentarian here, but an artist who seeks to unearth the unpredictable and authentic moments that occur outside the confines of a controlled studio environment. Each photograph tells a story, not only of the subject but of the moment itself, capturing the very essence of being human.

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Photographyanalogblack and white
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