Style The vest designed by Bruno Munari

The vest designed by Bruno Munari

Andrea Tuzio

One of the most brilliant and creative minds in our country, “one of the leading figures in 20th-century art, design, and graphics,” was Bruno Munari. Versatile, ingenious, and capable of contributions in various fields of expression, Munari consistently surprised and outmaneuvered the entire Italian creative world and beyond. But among the many ideas realized by the Milanese Renaissance figure, there is one that, unlike the others, has been little recounted. The story of this project is actually very short and at the same time very simple.

It was the year 1992, and at that time the publishing house Corraini and Bruno Munari were working together on the presentation of some volumes of the “Block Notes” series, a kind of collection of ideas and projects but in a pocket-sized format, easily transportable without the need for bags or anything else. At that point, Corraini made a request to Munari: “We need a display for this new series.” The artist and designer then decided to disorient everyone once again in his career, and to manifest in a tangible way his incredible ability to think totally outside the box with the creation of a multi-pocket vest, yes, a vest.

We asked Munari to think of a display that could show all the books… and he drew us a vest. It is an object that well demonstrates the importance he placed on learning and knowing through all five senses, from sight to touch. The vest was indeed designed with fabrics of many types that create an interesting texture and also a tactile sensation,” this is the memory of Maurizio Corraini regarding that extravagant yet imaginative idea. In a contemporaneity made up of standardization, where cultural processes are slowly losing their peculiarities in favor of a dominant uniformity, Bruno Munari remains a very bright beacon for everyone.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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