Design Priapo, the Lamp Inspired by the God of Fertility

Priapo, the Lamp Inspired by the God of Fertility

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BRUTTO Studio, a design studio based in La Coruña, Spain, and founded by Marco Oggian, tackles many themes related to the world of design, from branding to product development. One of their most intriguing projects is the Priapo lamp, inspired not only by the Greek and Roman god of fertility but also by other elements.

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BRUTTO Studio has designed many interesting objects, such as the Omino Standbook, the LAMPANTENNA in collaboration with Laboratorio, and the fun BE LATE Wall Clock. However, the object that has impressed us the most is undoubtedly Priapo. It is inspired not only by the god of fertility but also by the concrete pipes used on the sides of roads, the human body, and – not least – the work of Vico Magistretti. On BRUTTO Studio’s Instagram profile, we also read that this lamp would be «perfect for any occasion.»

Priapo has a rather interesting silhouette. It can be found on their website in various colors and has a character all its own, markedly lush and definitely impactful for those seeing it for the first time. We immediately liked the multicolor version, perfect for those who want to play with different colors and an even more vibrant character. Each lamp is handcrafted from polystyrene plastic (while the support is 3D printed) and remains a piece that is certainly unique in its kind.

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