Design At Bun Burgers in Turin it feels like eating in a swimming pool
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At Bun Burgers in Turin it feels like eating in a swimming pool

Giulia Guido

Some time ago in Milan, at Viale Bligny 19, the Bun Burgers chain opened a new restaurant. Bun Burgers offers a selection of vegan burgers using beyond meat, a meat-non-meat of protein origin, completely vegetable. In addition to taking care of every detail of their gastronomic proposal, Bun Burgers wanted to offer their customers a unique place, completely different from all other fast-food restaurants. That’s why they turned to Spanish architecture firm Masquespacio, founded by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse.
Now, after the success in Milan, Bun Burgers has opened its first point in Turin and could only turn again to Ana and Christophe. 

The entire project started with the three large windows overlooking the street, which provide natural lighting for the space throughout the day. Playing with these elements, the Masquespacio team divided the interior into 3 colours, corresponding to the windows, immediately catching the eye and attention of passers-by. 

In addition to green and pink – also present in the Milan store – blue was also added to create the real gem of this Bun Burgers. The entire right-hand side of the restaurant, thanks to the use of tiles and light blue colours, reproduces what could be the bottom of a swimming pool, and to go along with this illusion the designers decided to add elements such as the classic metal ladders hanging on the walls. The sensation is that of eating while floating. 

If you think that when you eat, the eye also needs its part, then Bun Burgers is the right place for you! 

Bun Burgers
Bun Burgers
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Written by Giulia Guido
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