Art Calida Garcia Rawles, painting freedom

Calida Garcia Rawles, painting freedom

Giulia Guido

Calida Garcia Rawles is an American artist, born in Wilmington, a city in Delaware, and now lives and works in Los Angeles. The protagonist of her paintings and large canvases is water, the thousand shades of the sea and swimming pools and the gleam of the ripples. 

Calida Garcia Rawles’ love for this element was born about five years ago when, during her third pregnancy, she learned to swim. What began as an exercise to keep fit turned out to be essential not only for the body but also for the mind and soul. Floating gently on the water gave her a sense of lightness and freedom, it was a way to momentarily move away from responsibility, from everyday life and simply let yourself be rocked by the movements of the waves. These sensations led the artist to want to represent that state of well-being and carefreeness, that water that made her feel free, trying to convey the same emotions to her audience. 

In addition to having fully achieved her goal, because looking at her paintings you will really feel like you are in the middle of the sea and you can caress the surface of the water, Calida Garcia Rawles has gone further. 

In that ocean of blue, blue and celestial waves, she has plunged us boys and girls of color, giving them the chance to feel and live that freedom that for years, and still today, is forbidden to many. The artist herself told how it is not at all obvious to see black people going to swimming pools and how data from recent years show that black children who cannot swim are much more numerous than those who learn to swim at a young age. She only learned herself as an adult. 

The works of Calida Garcia Rawles are not only a representation of freedom, but above all a celebration of it. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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