Design Machine embroidered violent cartoon frames

Machine embroidered violent cartoon frames

Tommaso Berra
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One of the most entertaining things about cartoons is the surreal scenes involving the main characters, such as scenes in which funny animals crash into rock walls or fall into holes in the centre of the earth. Peter Frederiksen is fascinated by these scenes, in which the more surreal side of cartoons is always mixed with violence, made comical by the codes handed down for decades in this genre.
This is why the Chicago-based artist has created a series of works depicting some of the most unpredictable and absurd frames from cartoons such as Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse and The Simpsons, embroidered on canvas by machine.

Peter Frederiksen’s knotted fingers and bodies punctured by baseballs will soon be exhibited between Rome and New York. There is always a veil of violence in the frames chosen by the artist, softened – it has to be said – by the material with which the drawings are represented. On Frederiksen’s Instagram profile you can see many other works, which often have weapons or sharp points at their centre, such as Silvestro’s claws for example. There is also the classic red rock cliff, from which we already know that soon we will see Wile E. Coyote fall, convinced that he has caught the Beep Beep.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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