Design Casa Ojalá, the customizable cabin by Beatrice Bonzanigo

Casa Ojalá, the customizable cabin by Beatrice Bonzanigo

Giulia Guido

One look at the design will be enough to convince you that Casa Ojalá is your dream home. 

Casa Ojalá is the brainchild of Beatrice Bonzanigo, an Italian architect born in 1984 and co-founder of IB Studio. In addition to working on the renovations of farmhouses, cottages, villas and chalets, a few years ago the architect, together with her partner Ryan Nesbitt, began working on an ambitious and visionary project presented during Milan Design Week 2019. 

Casa Ojalà can be defined as a house of a thousand possibilities

In fact, despite its 27 square meters, the house was conceived as a customizable and modifiable space not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also in terms of the division of the interior. 

The cabin has two bedrooms, one double and one single, a bathroom, a living room and a terrace. However, thanks to a manual mechanical system composed of pulleys and cranks that controls sliding walls and floor and ceiling panels, each space can become something else. In fact, the division between rooms can be completely eliminated and Casa Ojalá can become a circular terrace. 

This characteristic should not lead you to think that the house lacks the necessary services. In the center of the structure is a block divided into seven sections that incorporate all the essential functions, from the closet to the sink. 

In addition, given the possibility of being able to build it almost anywhere, Casa Ojalá is equipped with a rainwater collection system, photovoltaic panels and even a stove, although the structure is better suited to places with a temperate climate. 

This would already be enough to make Casa Ojalá rise to the top of the list of places where we would like to live, but the beauty does not end there. The project is, in fact, an example of the excellence of Made in Italy, both because the mechanism around which the project is developed has been transformed into reality by a group of structural and mechanical engineers  from Brescia, and because every single element, from wood to fabrics, from sanitary ware to lighting, have been chosen from the best Italian suppliers. 

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Written by Giulia Guido
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