Photography Cesura Publish presents CESURA FANZINE #03, a zine with a soul

Cesura Publish presents CESURA FANZINE #03, a zine with a soul

Giulia Pacciardi

Founded in 2008 by Arianna Arcara, Luca Baioni, Alex Majoli, Gabriele Micalizzi, Andy Rocchelli, Alessandro Sala and Luca Santese, Cesura is an independent photographic collective whose work focuses on documentary photography.
Born with the desire to be a new and autonomous force in the international panorama of photography, and to cut all ties with the current dynamics of the market, Cesura has also founded its own independent publishing house and a printing laboratory, to provide its photographers with tools and resources that allow them total expressive freedom in every phase of their work.

The publications of the Cesura Publish publishing house, established back in 2010, have received countless awards and recognitions over the years, while the fine art printing lab is the place where the members of the collective experiment with new creative and productive processes without any limits.

To celebrate their work, but also the great changes that the collective has undergone in the last year, Cesura Publish has decided to present CESURA FANZINE #03, a zine that contains the photographic work of all the artists of the collective.
The old guard, in fact, was joined by newcomers who immediately set to work on this new publication that revolves around the visual, physical and philosophical idea of the word “cesura” which literally means “cut” in Italian.
A special feature of the fanzine is the possibility of cutting pages to discover a selection of unpublished images taken over 12 years.

All the photos of CESURA FANZINE #03, that you can buy here, were taken by: Arianna Arcara, Francesco Bellina, Stefania Bosso, Teresa Dalle Carbonare, Maria Elisa Ferraris, Chiara Fossati, Giacomo Liverani, Alex Majoli, Claudio Majorana, Gabriele Micalizzi, Valentina Neri, Andy Rocchelli, Alessandro Sala, Giorgio Salimeni, Luca Santese, Marco P. Valli, Marco Zanella and Alex Zoboli.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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