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These Chairs Literally Have Heels

Giorgia Massari

A long instep culminates in a ballerina toe, but it is not a real foot nor is it a heel that you can wear. We are talking about the new collection of chairs made by Christian Louboutin and Pierre Yovanovitch. On the one hand there is someone who knows about heeled shoes, on the other an interior designer with a background in fashion. A not too unlikely combo since the two designers are longtime friends. In fact, we like to think that one day Yovanovitch imagined chairs with shoes on their feet and called his friend, the king of red-soles, to share the idea with him. Then, together, they designed these anthropomorphic chairs, decidedly feminine but also extremely whimsical, which are now on display in New York at the Yovanovitch Gallery. In short, the muse here is undoubtedly the woman. These nine oak chairs celebrate female individuality by drawing inspiration from female figures in history, mythology and film such as Dita, Josefina, Syrena, Nefertari, Zenobie, Radicalla, Morphea, Metropolissa and Pompadour.

Ph Eric Petschek

«As a close friend and respected visionary, it was a dream to collaborate with Christian on this project. Drawing on our shared affinity for haute-couture craftsmanship, we enlisted a roster of classically trained artists to meticulously bring these diverse female characters to life.»

Pierre Yovanovitch

The name of this chair – Pompadour – refers to Madame de Pompadour, mistress and advisor to Louis XV. In general, all the feet, strictly with a red sole, are inspired by Louboutin’s Simply Nude décolleté model.

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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