Art CHANGE by Doug Gillen, art as a testimony to change
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CHANGE by Doug Gillen, art as a testimony to change

Giulia Guido

CHANGE is the latest short film made by Doug Gillen in Ferizaj, Kosovo, for the Kosovo Mural Fest. 

Doug Gillen is an English filmmaker who has been documenting artistic realities and projects for almost ten years. In order to do so in the best possible way, he also founded Fifth Wall TV, a platform that provides video content, both self-produced and not, about the art world. 

Last September, on the occasion of the 5th edition of the Kosovo Mural Fest, Doug flew to the city of Kosovo to document the work of the international collective of artists Void Project

CHANGE alternates between images of the artists at work on their works and testimonies of local people who, looking straight ahead to tomorrow, cannot forget the horrors of a war that still seems so close and whose wounds continue to be felt. 

” Art in the city becomes a visual celebration of connectedness at a time of shared distance.”

Moreover, in this particular case, art becomes the means to both breathe new life into public spaces and change the face of the city, and to unite a community divided by the pandemic. 

The artists involved are Ampparito, Aruallan, Micheal Beitz, Helen Bur, Emilio Cerezo, Doa Oa, Alba Fabre, Ivan Floro, Maria Jose Gallardo, Retry One, Zane Prater, Vlada Trocka and Axel Void, discover their works below and don’t miss the short film CHANGE! 

Axel Void x Helen Bur
Aruallan x Axel Void
Doa Oa
Axel Void, Zane Prater, & Helen Bur
Vlada Trocka
Emilio Cerezo
Maria Jose Gallardo
ArtShort filmstreet art
Written by Giulia Guido
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