chiusodidomenica, the Instagram profile of the vintage signs

25 June 2019

Old Italian shop signs, only posted on Sundays.

Despite the race to the “I have it newest“, what really fascinates is the experience, anything that has something to tell.
The broken alley, the mailbox that hangs on the wall by some miracle, the table of the restaurant where, before you, have already eaten in thousands. All those things that show the signs of time and people.
Just like for postisinceri, the Instagram profile that opens our eyes to the Milan of the old restaurants and its owners, even chiusodidomenica gives the same effect.

Old Italian shop signs, only posted on Sundays.

Says the bio of this profile and the contents of the feed do not betray our expectations.
Just a series of old signs, nothing to do with the neon design we’ve become accustomed to, and closed shutters.
Because yes, even here they have not told us a lie, they publish pictures only on Sundays and on Sundays the old Valigeria Giannina is closed.
And, like her, even the Cristalliere Ritorno, the Parrucchiera per Signora Adriana, even the Rosticceria Fontana and the Ripara Scarpe.

All places that, by now, live a life apart from everything that is comfortable to us, open 24 hours a day, easy and at hand.
The usual places where you call the owner by his name and you do not forget to ask him how was his day.


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