Photography Cinematography – I Origins

Cinematography – I Origins

Giordana Bonanno

One of those films that have disappeared and reappeared, it’s gone a bit quiet perhaps due to the complexity of its themes. I Origins is the 2014 science fiction dramatic feature entirely conceived and produced by Mike Cahill, a film that goes beyond all limits, all conformation, and against all odds, overwhelmed by the wonder of a universe of doubts that punctuate our everyday moments of thought. Is this not the purpose of art? A means of communication that manifests itself in infinite facets and infinite forms.

The protagonist is a young Michael Pitt, a molecular biologist fascinated by the human eye, which has reached the pinnacle of historic discovery. With rationality and skepticism typical of a true scientist, he will try to investigate the spiritual theories according to which the eye is proof of the existence of an intelligent creator.

An interesting debate between science and spirituality that will be treated from every point of view throughout the film, coming to a conclusion but leaving free interpretation, allowing us to understand what it means to “believe” for a scientist and what it means instead for a spiritual person.

Also, this time love will play its part, after all, it is the feeling “that moves the sun and the other stars“.

 Do you know the story of the Phasianidae? It’s a bird that experiences all of time in one instant. And she sings the song of love and anger and fear and joy and sadness all at once. And this bird… when she meets the love of her life… is both happy and sad. Happy because she sees that for him it is the beginning, and sad because she knows it is already over.

To support the comparison with cinematographer Markus Förderer and his luminous scenes, I chose photographer Mehran Djojan. Faces, looks, bodies, everything captured by his lens takes on a delicate, innocent look as if suspended in time, a bit like the protagonists of the film.

Did you know: For a brief moment in the opening credits only the letters I and O are shown in the movie title. This gives “IOII”. In binary the number 1011 translates as eleven which is an important number throughout the film

Genre: Dramma fantascientifico
Director: Mike Cahill
Director of photoraphy: Markus Förderer
Writer: Mike Cahill
Stars: Michael Pitt, Steven Yeun, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey 

Written by Giordana Bonanno
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