Art The collages and penetrating glances by Quentin DMR

The collages and penetrating glances by Quentin DMR

Emanuele D'Angelo
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In a certain way we could say that the collages but in general the art of Quentin DMR is made of looks, of attentive glances ready to penetrate whoever is looking at them.

Every project I create tells a different story. It is linked to a moment, a place and its inhabitants.

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Quentin DMR is a French artist based in Montpellier but who loves to travel, even so he managed to build his artistic project. It is as if every place he has visited has always added an extra piece to his creativity.

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From France to New Zealand, his works tell about the people of the place, always focusing on a particular aspect on which the French artist has centered his works: the eyes.
It all starts from the camera, a passion that has overwhelmed him since he was a boy born thanks to his father who is passionate about cinema and theater, with a few shots he creates something unique.

From students to shopkeepers, pensioners and families, every subject is important to him. Once he has shot everything, he transfers it all to digital where the images are deconstructed before being printed.

His works are a bit like traveling, each photo, each colleges is able to make you discover new people and cultures, but pay attention to their penetrating looks. Here are some of the works of Quentin DMR that have impressed us the most, but not to miss them all just follow him on instagram.

Quentin DMR
Quentin DMR
Quentin DMR
Quentin DMR
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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