Art The colourful illustrations of Aysha Tengiz

The colourful illustrations of Aysha Tengiz

Federica Cimorelli

Lively, colorful, fun, but also slightly restless, are the illustrations of Aysha Tengiz, an English illustrator, animator and textile designer based in London.

Aysha started drawing at a very young age to combat boredom, then studied illustration at Camberwell College of Arts in London and, for the past few years, she has been a freelance artist.
In her work, she mixes techniques and colors, uses different palettes and media and plays non-stop with digital painting, animation and tailoring. Her art is fun, full of detail and interlocking, telling of the merry madness of everyday life.

The characters portrayed by Aysha Tengiz are often well-dressed, very fashionable animals or anthropomorphic objects, often wearing shoes and a hat. The protagonists of her drawings animate the chaos of the city, strolling through the streets and buildings of the metropolis and seeming to be in constant search of a break.
Aysha depicts the confusing and hectic reality of life but also seems to want to express feelings of loneliness and isolation. Although set in rich and dynamic environments, her characters seem abandoned and separated from their surroundings.

With her creativity, halfway between pop and comic art, Aysha Tengiz tells her way of seeing the world and conquers all.
Her clients include the New York Times, Washington Post, Scoop Magazine, TFL, streetwear brand Lazy Oaf, Berlin nightclub SchwuZ and British charity Coppafeel.

See a selection of her work here, follow her on Instagram and on her personal website.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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