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Stefano Colferai, stop motion and plasticine artist, is the second artist to be part of Container. Find out everything you need to know about him and how to join his workshop!

WHEN: Workshop: 25 MAR / Exhibition: 26 MAR - 30 MAR
15 March 2019

With irony, you can open doors of which not even the imagination can be the key.
Stefano Colferai, stop motion and plasticine artist, who made it his trademark, knows it well.
Born and raised in Milan, he starts from self-taught to experiment with various working techniques ranging from acrylics to digital, all focused on character design.

In 2012, then, the meeting that will mark the turning point of his career, the one with the Disney and Pixar worlds, in particular with sketches, studies, and sculptures of the most famous feature films.
This is how his passion for modeling was born, which will lead him to his first encounter with plasticine, a material he has never used before, and to the need to move from the flat world of 2D to the three-dimensional one.
But Stefano doesn’t stop and, after having held workshops inside the most famous festivals, after having collaborated with many brands and having launched several personal projects, he discovers the animation, in particular, the one in stop motion, that will give to his artworks a new life.


Stefano’s works are fun and beautiful to look at, ranging from the representation of the most famous faces of music to those of sport and art, up to the most hype sneakers desired by all sneakerheads.
There are also many artworks dedicated to everyday life that, through the irony that distinguishes it, takes a different turn, more daring and smiling.
A world, the one created by Stefano, that is inspired by the real one but that, without a doubt, has different gear and many more colors.

Stefano is the second artist to join Container, the artistic project dedicated to new trends and the contemporary creative scene by and #OriginalsMilano.

Like Rebecca Coltorti, his artworks will also be on display, from 26 to 30 March, at the adidas Originals Flagship Store Milano in via Alessio di Tocqueville, 11, only after, however, his workshop, always within the flagship store.
Subscribers will have the opportunity to spend a few hours with Stefano who, in addition to telling his work, will teach some of his techniques by making available his work objects.
The workshop that will be held on March 25, from 5pm to 8pm, has limited places, sign up now on Container in order not to lose your place!



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