Style La nuova campagna ADV SS024 di C.P. Company

La nuova campagna ADV SS024 di C.P. Company

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C.P. Company has announced the launch of its ADV SS024 campaign, featuring interviews and photos of personalities from various spheres. Specifically, Marco Reus, a well-known footballer, wore C.P. Company clothing, adapting them to his personal style. Fashion stylist Eve Carol Kelly stated that «the brand has been her main inspiration,» while Francis Mallet, a musicologist and DJ, chose the Chrome-R Goggle Utility Jacket for its modularity. The Italian band 72 Hour Post Fight, on the other hand, performed on Sunday night in a live show in Milan wearing pieces from the collection. Throwing Fits, the fashion podcasters, selected the PiUM hooded jacket for its innovation and timelessness. The campaign reflects C.P. Company’s ability to integrate clothing into contemporary social contexts, combining style, functionality, and innovation.

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