Short video for Breakfast – Cumulus, a dip in Magritte’s world

18 January 2019

To give shape to what doesn't exist you need to be an artist, like the Polish Michal Socha who in the video Cumulus has enclosed the essence of Magritte.

Michal Socha is a Polish director, graphic designer, and illustrator who captivates his audience by offering stories told with a unique style.

In his latest video Cumulus, Michal managed to enclose in less than a minute all the essence of Magritte. The undertaking was not easy at all since it meant shaping a totally invented world, the son of the most active Surrealism.

You’ll see for yourself how the Warsaw director managed to achieve his goal, thanks to simple and impressive illustrations and perfectly coordinated sound effects. They are only thirty seconds, but they manage to restore all the beauty of Magritte’s mind.

Discover more about Michal on his site.

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