Art ”Cut The Quarantine”, a new campaign for hair donation

”Cut The Quarantine”, a new campaign for hair donation

Federica Cimorelli
”Cut The Quarantine” |

Over the past year, the closure of hairdressers and barbershops worldwide has forced millions of people to let their hair grow out. Now the opportunity has finally arrived to give it a rest: a good cause to turn this particular effect of the pandemic into a good deed.
Locks of Love offers the right opportunity and reminds everyone with “Cut The Quarantine“, an animated hair donation campaign created by creative agency Hook.

Cut The Quarantine” consists of an animated video and a dedicated website that follows the user step by step through the donation process. Locks of Love asks those who wish to donate hair to send a strand of hair at least 10 inches long and post it in a dedicated envelope to their Florida office.
With the donated hair, the charity provides custom-made wigs to economically disadvantaged children and teens who have lost their hair due to alopecia, burn trauma or cancer treatment.

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The animated video created for the occasion makes donating less daunting, inspires the public to do something good and restores confidence and normality to the children. With a simple, playful aesthetic and a hand-drawn sketchy style, the campaign brings people together and makes a difference.

Watch the video here and find out more on the official website.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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