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Civitampomarano’s street art

Anna Frattini

The CVTà Street Fest in Civitacampomarano, in the province of Campobasso, ended on June 4th. During this festival, the Molise village came alive with three days of music, live performances, and street art, among other things. The event featured many guests, including Elléna Lourens, Helen Bur, and HERA – three street artists from South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Germany, respectively – along with Dan Witz, a true cornerstone of urban art. The village of Civitacampomarano, which has been hosting this festival since 2016, has been transformed thanks to street art once again this year. The spirit of urban regeneration remains intact, and like an open-air museum, it preserves over 70 works created over the years. Alex Senna, Jan Vormann, Add Fuel, and many other street artists have left their mark on Civitacampomarano, and each artwork has a story to tell and cherish. For instance, Dan Witz chose the ancient doors of the village to create one of his famous trompe l’oeil pieces.

Elléna Lourens‘s lines and colors bring a sense of tranquility to the backdrop of Civitacampomarano, never imposing on the urban landscape and harmoniously integrating with the environment through her minimalist style and monochromatic palette.

Civitampomarano's street art

Influenced by the stories of the inhabitants of the small Molise village, HERA, worked on Wild Child – a mural depicting a cat with human features – symbolically connected to all the people who choose to live away from large cities.

CVTà Street Fest

As a traveling street artist, Helen Bur brings a truly special surrealist element. Hold – the series created for CVTà Street Fest – represents the desire for reconnection and closeness after the pandemic, intertwining with the role of social relationships, which are fundamental in a place like Civitacampomarano.

Civitampomarano's street art

After four days of art and music, including live performances by Leeroy Thornhill and DJ Gruff, the CVTà Street Fest offered a rich program of events curated by Alice Pasquini, the ambassador of Italian street art in the world and director of the Cultural Association CivitArt.

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