Art The habits loop in Dario Maglionico’s works

The habits loop in Dario Maglionico’s works

Giorgia Massari
Dario Maglionico |

Floating Space is the title of artist Dario Maglionico‘s (Naples,1986) solo exhibition at Galleria Antonio Colombo in Milan, on view from March 7 to April 5, 2023, and best describes the essence of the oil-on-canvas series entitled Reitification.
The concept of space-time in the title is associated with liquidity and lightness, indicating its dynamism and continuous change. Indeed, Maglionico’s works with Hopperian realism are set in domestic rooms (kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms) in which scenes of everyday life take place. Despite the fact that the room appears crowded the subject is one, or rather, one person who coexists simultaneously in time and space. Past, present and future are blurred, in a succession of positions that the protagonists of the works assume.

The actions performed by the characters are fragmented and no temporal chronology can be distinguished. Almost like cubist painters, Dario Maglionico offers the viewer different points of view of the same action, creating multiple facets of bodies and gestures. For example, in Reitification #40 the figure of the woman placed in the center and seated at the desk seems to almost double, showing two left arms and three legs. Here the dynamism is evident and takes on a futurist tinge, just like Giacomo Balla in Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash.

The meticulous realism and attention to detail meets with the surreal, in fact in some frames people “lose” body elements such as the face or the entire head, arm, leg or torso. The artist in this way conveys the fleetingness of moments and memories, emphasizing their fragility. Dario Maglionico’s intention is to question the infallibility of human perception, which transforms and in some cases erases memories. The focus is on the aspect of routine, on those mechanical actions that we repeat every day automatically, almost without being aware of them. The artist, without using facial expressions, manages to convey a feeling that oscillates between the bliss of loneliness to the anguish of monotony.

Written by Giorgia Massari
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