Style When David Blaine combined magic and streetwear

When David Blaine combined magic and streetwear

Andrea Tuzio

One of the most famous illusionists of all time, David Blaine, yesterday September 2nd accomplished a feat worthy of a Disney movie. Just as in UP in fact, the Brooklyn native magician let himself be carried into the sky by 52 helium balloons reaching almost 8000 meters, 7600 to be precise. The choice of the balloons and their subdivision was calculated with respect to Blaine’s weight, almost 90 kg.

The preparation for this madness has been very hard, the illusionist has trained hard in these months both learning to breathe with little oxygen given the altitude and parachuting.
Blaine was equipped with a parachute and had a team following him, constantly monitoring all his vital functions as well as having continuous radio contact with him.
The whole thing took place in the Arizona desert and here you can see the whole live broadcast of the event.

This new and incredible feat of David Blaine gives us an excuse to tell of when the New York magician, thanks to the director Harmony Korine, was able to combine magic and streetweear.
On the occasion of the Spring/Summer 2014 Supreme campaign, the director of Gummo chose Blaine as the protagonist together with the skaters of the Supreme team, among them the legend Mark Gonzales.

The two videos of the campaign, “Needle” and “Fireboard”, see Blaine wearing a friends & family tee box logo black on black while surprising the boys with two very famous tricks of his: the first is the one called “needle”, Mark Gonzales shoves a needle in Blaine’s arm passing it through without the illusionist making a crease; in the second one Blaine manages to turn off Gonzales’ flaming skateboard thanks to an amount of superhuman water spat out of his mouth.

Although the Blaine/Supreme combination is apparently random it is not at all so in fact, if you consider Blaine’s background as a street magician and his exploits often focused on human resistance and pain, you can not help but understand how the link between the world of skateboarding and that of the American illusionist are actually closer than you think, just see the series of videos made by Thrasher Magazine and called “Hall fo Meat”.

Harmony Korine also has a very strong bond with Supreme and the skate world in general, it was he at the age of 19 who wrote the film that most of all tells the world and the New York skate aesthetics of the 90s and this year he turned 25 years, Larry Clark‘s Kids where many of the protagonists are just those guys who were part of the original crew of Supreme.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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