Design David Dolcini and the art of making with time
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David Dolcini and the art of making with time

Giorgia Massari

Creating good design isn’t easy, especially today. Award-winning designer David Dolcini addresses this topic in his new book, TIMEMADE, being presented today – November 16 at 6 pm – at the ADI Design Museum in Milan, as part of Bookcity Milano. The expression “Made with Time” becomes the underlying theme and core of the book, presenting the homonymous project pursued by the designer since 2021. In essence, design needs to engage with materials and time. The art of making requires “a certain finesse that can only be acquired through work and time spent in close contact with materials,” which for Dolcini is wood. In his TIMEMADE project, wood becomes the focal point of a temporal journey that reflects Dolcini’s personal path. Diverse research and inspirations such as botanical grafting, traditional Japanese architecture, and ancient Chinese ink painting have given life to a project that is methodologically liberated and, as Dolcini himself stated, “evolves through the simple pleasure of crafting with one’s own hands.”

The book TIMEMADE communicates Dolcini’s project through texts by Piergiorgio Caserini and Marco Sammicheli, accompanied by the beautiful photographs by Mattia Balsamini, placing wooden objects in dialogue with a colder, more urban environment. In this regard, it’s important to mention David Dolcini’s attention to the surrounding environment. Environmental context and human interaction are fundamental elements for him in defining and creating each individual piece – a ‘microarchitecture’ that never reaches a definitive state but constantly transforms over time, fleeting yet eternal.

Ph credits Mattia Balsamini

Designproduct designwood
Written by Giorgia Massari
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