Design “Delta”, the new Natural History Museum in Shenzhen

“Delta”, the new Natural History Museum in Shenzhen

Emanuele D'Angelo

70 proposals from all over the world arrived, in the end, to win the project of the new natural history museum in Shenzhen have been B+H, 3XN and Zhubo Design.

A building destined to become one of the “ten cultural facilities of the new era” in Shenzhen and the first full-scale natural history museum in southern China once completed.

Named “Delta”, the innovative and successful project of 3XN, B+H and Zhubo Design, stands seamlessly out of the river, inviting visitors to travel along its green roof.

Located next to picturesque Lake Yanzi in Pingshan District, the museum covers 100,000 m2. A connected structure designed to be in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

A public park extends across the entire roof and highlights the organic geometries of the Natural History Museum.
Like a stream of a river that finds its shape in balance with the earth, each curve frames a new spectacular view of the surrounding park, the hills and the lake from dedicated panoramic terraces along the rooftop park.

“Delta” is a unique structure that through a dynamic architectural form, creates a beautiful, natural and innovative museum concept.
Here are all the photos of this spectacular project by B+H, 3XN and Zhubo Design.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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