Art Denise Rashidi and the coloring book about Japan

Denise Rashidi and the coloring book about Japan

Giulia Guido

Fernweh is one of those fantastic untranslatable words that often contain a deep meaning. In this case, Fernweh, a German word, means “longing for distance”, that is the feeling that assails us when we want to leave and go as far away from home as possible. 

At least once in our lives, especially in recent months, we have all experienced such a feeling and it is precisely from this overwhelming desire to travel that Denise Rashidi let herself be inspired for her latest work. 

Denise Rashidi is a German illustrator who, during a trip to Japan, was captivated by the beauty of the streets, the particularity of the architecture, so much so that she started drawing them. This is how Daydreaming in Japan was born: A Coloring Book and Travel Adventure, a self-published book with decision makers and dozens of views of Japanese cities and villages to color as you like. 

Obviously, Denise Rashidi also gave her personal interpretation to the illustrations, coloring them with warm, almost neon tones, turning the places into surreal, dreamlike places. 

If you love Japan and have an incredible desire to travel, Daydreaming in Japan: A Coloring Book and Travel Adventure could be your next purchase. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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