Style Dennis Rodman Fashion Icon

Dennis Rodman Fashion Icon

Andrea Tuzio

From Monday at 9:00 am, episodes 3 and 4 of The Last Dance, the definitive documentary on the dynasty of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, are available in Italy.

While the first and second episodes focused respectively on the beginning of Michael’s career and the weight Scottie Pippen had within that group, the third and part of the fourth episode are dedicated to Dennis “the worm” Rodman.

Born in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1961, he lived at least three of our lives.
Controversial, unique, unrepeatable.
He married himself in a wedding dress at the presentation of one of his books, friend of the dictator Kim Jong-un (he has been his guest on several occasions), to the question: “which clothes would you like to wear in your life” (that’s why we are here), he answered, “a condom”, winner of 5 NBA titles, best bounce in the same NBA for 7 consecutive years, Hall-of-Famer, dazzling defender, game scientist and misunderstood fashion icon.

Today we want to celebrate Dennis Rodman as a forerunner of the times, an archetype of style, an unconscious forerunner of trends which, after almost a quarter of a century, are extremely current.

What the twitter account @cowboybagel says is extremely true, Rodman has mapped out a road.
He has mixed different styles, he has broken down all stereotypes in a clear and drastic way, promoting a genre fluidity that today is one of the central themes of contemporary fashion and has helped to build a style based on authenticity and personality.

In a world dominated by emulation, guided by the metrics dictated by all equal influencers, Dennis Rodman is a rare example of uniqueness in our times.

A pop icon, an iconoclast of the 1990s who, at a time intellectually dominated by disinterest and “rewarding” the culture of the flock, Rodman scattered the cards in the same way he did almost 25 years ago.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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