Design “Fatto Bene” a new design exhibition in Milan
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“Fatto Bene” a new design exhibition in Milan

Giorgia Massari

As Bruno Munari once said, When everything is Art, nothing is Art, and the same goes for Design. “How can one distinguish good design when everything claims to be so?” This is the question posed by Teo Sandigliano, the curator of Fatto Bene exhibition, which opened on October 1st at the Basilica of San Celso in Milan. The intention of the exhibition is, in fact, to refocus attention on objects, the physicality of design, and the beauty of materials, which are often easy to overlook amidst the multitude of products on the market.

Fatto Bene is a collective of carefully selected designers. Furniture, products, and functional home accessories are integrated into the historical-religious context of the Basilica, standing out not only for the poetry of detail and the harmony between aesthetics and function but also for the “sublimation of an abstract idea into a physical object that goes beyond mere functional product.”

The protagonists of the exhibition are Francesco Faccin, Lorenzo Damiani, Maddalena Casadei, Zanellato Bortotto, Federica Biasi, Giuseppe Arezzi, Francesco Forcellini, Matteo Di Ciommo, TIPSTUDIO, Maddalena Selvini, Isato Prugger. All of this in collaboration with the companies De Castelli, Gervasoni, Incalmi, Woak, Pusterla Marmi, Pretziada, It’s Great Design, Feltrificio Biellese, Falegnameria Pisu.

The exhibition is open until October 8, 2023, at the Basilica of San Celso, located at 37 Corso Italia, Milan.

Ph Credtis Matteo Bellomo and Stefania Zanetti

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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