Art Digital Vegetables, an enlightened greenhouse in Tokyo

Digital Vegetables, an enlightened greenhouse in Tokyo

Giulia Ficicchia
Digital Vegetables, una serra illuminata a Tokyo | 4 cover

Immersed completely in the gray city and its palaces, it’s increasingly difficult for us to remember the green of nature and have a more constant relationship with it.

So, to avoid our distance from the natural world, on the occasion of the 2017 Design Touch, studio PARTY has created Digital Vegetables, a special greenhouse in the city of Toky: every plant inside the installation invites us to be touched and to the touch of our hands activates a series of melodies and lights inside the room, where every sound and light effect represents a particular aspect of the plant in question.

Noises of orchestra instruments skilfully mixed by Ray Kunimoto with those of hands that touch leaves or a mouth that penetrates a fruit, transport us into a natural world much slower and parallel to the chaotic world of the city, everything seems to stop under different coloured lights and closing the eyes that nature always observed scrolling the feed of Instagram seems decidedly closer.

For the lucky travelers or Japan residents, can be possible to visit it for free until November 5.


Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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