Music Don Said releases “Pain Party,” the first album of Label

Don Said releases “Pain Party,” the first album of Label

Tommaso Berra
Don Said |

Pain Party,” the first album by Don Said, a Sicilian rapper from Catania who through 14 tracks and 8 collaborations encapsulates in a single project a complex and personal journey, made together with producer Arden, was released at midnight.
It is the awareness of being trapped in a vortex made of restlessness and suffering what gave the impetus for the birth of “Pain Party,” which becomes the first album on Label, Don Said’s record label. The torment and consolations are reflected in the complex lyrics with which the rapper tells about himself, from his background to the Milan evenings, such as the one on Thursday, May 12 during which the project was unveiled.

Don Said |

“Pain Party” is a project that involves artists from all over Italy, but also international personalities such as Lil Kapow. The feat with Don Pero in the track “Piccoli” had already been presented a week ago, while since yesterday also tracks that unite different worlds but in harmony are available on all digital stores, as in the case of “Goodfellas” ft. 2Rari and “Passa Da Qua” ft. Sgribaz, but also of the tracks “Esagerati,” “Top Model” and “I Tuoi Occhi” in collaboration respectively with Enzo Benz, Fely and Madbuddy, a historical signature of Italian hip hop.

All that remains is to listen to the album and try to get into the thoughts of Don Said, who recounted this first project this way:
I found myself at a crossroads: face the pain with my bare hands or continue living like it was all one big party. I realized only afterwards that every drink I had was a memory I wanted to get rid of. Some of them, however, led me to meet so many people, to experience moments when I really felt alive and happy. “Pain Party” is this great parenthesis of my life explained in music, with all its moments of pain and with all those moments that still, with my fellow travelers, make us raise our glasses and raise a glass. Welcome to my head.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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